Writing & Analysis

Why local business content on the web is still in such a sorry state, and a follow-up

Google, local content, and the shape of things to come

A close look at a local search patent

"Local Search: The Internet IS the Yellow Pages," IEEE Computer, Feb 2005

Read Marty's interview on local search with Greg Sterling of The Kelsey Group ...

And here is a good introduction to the current state of the art in local search Marty wrote for Directions Magazine in April, 2005 ...

Nice words

"I recommend reading the whole piece. Himmelstein appears to be thinking systemically... holistically. Impressive..."

Marty's engineering work for our web-based donor honor roll application was the most significant contributor to the project's success. Marty designed a product that fully satisfied both our business goals and the needs of our website visitors, and the application has performed reliably and flawlessly for many months. We could not be more pleased with the results.
Meg Houston Maker
Director of External Information Services
Dartmouth College Development


Marty spoke at the Kelsey Group's conference on Interactive Local Media in November, 2005 ...

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