Marty Himmelstein is the principal of Long Hill Consulting, which he founded in 1989.

Marty’s interests include databases, Internet search, and web-based information systems.

For the last eleven years, Marty has been active in location-based searching on the web, a field often called Local Search. Marty was an early member of the Vicinity engineering team. Vicinity was a premium provider of Internet Yellow Pages (Vicinity provided Yahoo!s IYP service from 1996-8), business locators, and mapping and geocoding services. Vicinity had an IPO in 2000, and was purchased by Microsoft in 2002. Local Search combines not only interesting engineering challenges, but lots of frontier. What does the ideal local search service look like? How will the evolution of the web facilitate the creation and dissemination of better local content? The ubiquity of people’s need for local information suggests that Local Search is one of a handful of applications that all Internet users will use, and that they will want to “just work.” We have a long way to go before it just works.

Earlier in his career, Marty worked on operating systems and data communication networks.

About the Upper Valley
Long Hill Consulting is situated in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, in Hanover, NH. The Upper Valley is the home of Dartmouth College, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, TeleAtlas/Geographic Data Technology, Fluent, the US Army's Cold Region Research and Engineering Labs (CRREL), and numerous other high technology companies. These magnet institutions and the region's pleasant surroundings make the Upper Valley an attractive high-technology oasis.

The Upper Connecticut River runs between Vermont's Green Mountains and New Hampshire's White Mountains. Money Magazine recently named Hanover the second best "small place" to live in the United States. I wouldn't believe them though. It's cold in winter, muddy in spring, buggy in summer, and though 'peak foliage' in autumn is pretty, it's way too easy to sleep through. But there are lots of long hills and quiet roads on which to walk, cycle, ski, and run. You pretty much have to, because there is nothing else to do.


Photo by John Lehet

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Portrait of the Principle

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